Queen of spices cardamom from Knuckles Mountain Range

“Queen of spices” green cardamom, history dates back to the Vikings who encountered green cardamom in Constantinople. In Indian and Arabic cuisine it is used in a whole array of dishes and works beautifully with salty, sweet, earthy and savory dishes.

The cardamom plant is lush, leafy and part of the ginger family grow mainly in Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka. It produces fruit pods on flowering stems that contain around 20 seeds. Almost mature pods are harvested, washed and then dried in slow dry over 18-30 hours using firewood and traditional way of dehydration.

If you are a cardamom lover we would recommend that you get a pepper mill just for this spice. Once in the grinder you can easily add it to your coffee, smoothies, porridge or yogurt. Take an hour to remove the seeds from the husk and just add it to you grinder..