Knuckles Mountain Range, UNESCO

World Heritage Site

Sri Lanka Trekking Base Camp

camping in knuckels range camping in knuckles range

Objectives of Sri Lanka Trekking Base Camp
1. Function as the base of adventure activities organized by Sri Lanka Trekking in Knuckles Mountain Range.
2. Serve adventures, visitors, researchers of of bio diversity, educational groups, environmentalists.
3. Create a income generating sources to indigenous community in and around Knuckles in order to minimize the dependability on the forest.
4. Develop English language education among children in Knuckles Range Buffer Zone.
5. Help forest department to conserve of Knuckles Forest System through sustainable tourism.
6. Make awareness to visitors about environmental pollution.
7. Develop the professional skills and knowledge of the youths who engaged in nature and adventure tourism from all over the world

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